Don't make any decisions about breast augmentation until you read this invaluable information. This planner is packed with almost 20 pages of information and tips that you need to know. In this free planner you will learn:

  • How to recognize reputable sources for gathering information about breast augmentation.
  • How to avoid having surgery by someone who is not a plastic surgeon.
  • What to expect from your consultation with your surgeon.
  • How to adequately prepare for breast augmentation surgery.
  • Why Dr. Richard Fryer's patients recover so rapidly from breast augmentation.
  • How to minimize your downtime and maximize your results.
  • What to expect from the time of your initial contact to your last follow-up visit.
  • How to get access to over hundreds of dollars in savings, free products, and rebates.*




"Dr. Fryer's breast augmentation planner is amazing! It explains in detail from start to finish, the process which enabled me to make a confident decision."

- L.A. from Idaho


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*Some restrictions and qualifications may apply. These discounts, rebates and special offers outlined in the FREE breast augmentation planner are valid only for surgeries booked with Dr. Richard Fryer. These offers may expire or change without notice.